Luxury Diamond Watches – For Men and Women

Luxury watches are famous especially in the upper classes of society, and are longed for by the middle class. These types of watches are very expensive compared to an ordinary watch that could tell the time.

Luxury watches have other features rather than telling the time plus it is not made of ordinary materials but they are made of precious materials such as gold, silver or diamonds. They are also famous because of their unique styles with a touch of elegance and class to them.

These luxury watches are not only for telling the time; this can also symbolize the owner’s status and his/her taste in fashion. Today a diamond timepiece is one of the many sought after luxury watches; with its stunning diamond beauty that is engraved in the surface will surely catch the attention of anyone around it.

Diamond luxury watches are also known as jewelry watches. When we say diamond it is usually for the ladies, after all a diamond is a woman’s best friend. But today diamonds are not only for the ladies but they are also for can be for men as well.

For men also have the right to stand out and to be stylish. Today lots of diamond watches are targeted at men, no matter which style or on what occasion they’ll use it from such as for show, for sport, formal etc. they would always find suitable diamond watches to match the different occasion they want to attend.

If you are very rich and money is not an issue when you want to buy a timepiece then you could always buy one of the designer diamond watches but if you only have limited budget in your hand a replica will do the trick.

However you have to make sure that when you buy a replica you have to buy it on a reliable dealer that sells quality replica diamond watch. Luxury are not for the wealthy alone, for everyone has the right to have luxurious things they want.

Although the original thing may be very expensive and not everyone can afford them ordinary people still have the right to have luxurious thing it’s just that they should considered their budget and settle for a replica diamond watch with a good quality rather than force themselves to buy the original one and end up bankrupt.

People also need to be practical and give priority for the things they need and just buy the things that they want when they have extra money for it. Still at the end of the day nothing beats the quality of a real luxury diamond watch.

Why Hamilton Watches Are So Popular

For a woman, it is extremely important to get such accessories that help them look more gorgeous and stylish. You can see them going for handbags, jewelry, shoes, and other such accessories. However, when you talk about men, you see them going for a few items only. And one such item is a wrist watch!

It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that men love wrist watches, and probably that’s the reason why they don’t mind spending thousands of dollars on designer and branded watches. If you are also one of them and want some stylish watches, you should never forget to explore the amazing range of Hamilton watches.

There are many good reasons why Hamilton watches are loved by the masses. However, you will have to go through a lot of hassle to find another brand offering watches with durability, accuracy and style. All these three factors make Hamilton a popular brand. When you dig deeper in the history of these watches, you come to know that quality and variety were the factors that made people notice these watches. Actually, the company became famous when it first introduced its collection of Broadway Limited pocket watches.

Considering the quality and durability of these watches, they soon became popular with the US Armed Forces. It was during the 1900’s, but soon after getting to this milestone, the company introduced another watch to acquire a prestigious place in the world of watches. This was the time when the Piping Rock and Yankee watch came into being for the very first time.

The diversity in designs is something that separates these watches from their competition. You can choose from two categories: American Classic and Khaki. In the Khaki Collection, you can find some expertly designed Navy, Aviation, and action watches. On the other hand, the American Classic Collection is further divided into two categories – Jazzmaster and Ventura Series. Watches in both these categories are designed to last for a lifetime. They offer accurate time and are available in amazing design. For stylish looking watches, you can check the Jazzmaster series, as it contains watches in over 20 different styles.

Here, it is also quite important to mention that though the quality of these watches was the selling point, there were other factors that helped this company grow big. For instance, many Hollywood celebrities have used these watches in real life and movies. You can find these starts wearing these watches in blockbusters like Independence Day, Men in Black, and Fight Club. When people noticed their favorite stars wearing Hamilton watches, they ought to turn towards these watches. This was one of the biggest factors that lured people into buying these watches.

Need Help to Make Your Jewelry Sell?

You say you love to make beaded jewelry? Why not? Jewelry making is an ideal home business. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make your pieces, your raw material costs are not unreasonable and markups are high.

But you already have umpteen necklaces and a gazillion earrings made up. You schlep them to every flea market and craft fair … and then you schlep them back home. You know they’re pretty. Why aren’t they selling and what can you do to correct the problem(s)?

My guess is you haven’t differentiated your product or you aren’t presenting it well. I’m just assuming your beaded work is lovely and of fine quality (or fair value given the price you are asking).

Here are a few suggestions specific to beading and jewelry business that may help.

Present Your Product Well

I’ve read that crafters and artists should be true to their craft. Purists say if your work is good, people will buy. Just stick with it; the market will find you.

On behalf of all artists who love their work but also need to sell it, I say “baloney”.

You’ve been to the craft fairs. You’ve seen the glut of jewelers lined up side by side trying to sell very similar pieces.

How wonderful for the consumer to be able to comparison shop and bargain with the crafters, right? “Well, I love this piece, but the guy right over there has one just like it for $10 less. Can you do any better on the price?”

If your pieces are that similar, you need to present them differently. As far as the inventory you’ve already made up, exhibit it well.

Don’t just lay it on a cloth on a card table like most people do and expect the jewelry to speak for itself!

Just as you create visual appeal in the jewelry you make, do so with your display. Create levels for both horizontal and vertical display. Don’t overload the space. Customers won’t be able to see the trees for the forest.

One friend brings her own halogen lights to shows to really highlight her jewelry which she displays on a black velvet background.

Put your most unique pieces out first.

Have nice art cards describing each piece: type of stones or beads; where they are from; type and grade of metal.

Set out a pretty glass or brass dish with your business cards.

Write up and copy flyers about yourself and your work. People who buy hand made pieces often want to know a bit about the artist.

Where to Sell?

Think of other venues where you can show your work, especially where you will not be one among twenty other jewelers.

If you have a day job and your jewelry is suitable, wear it to work. When anyone compliments it, be sure to let them (and all others in the vicinity – don’t be shy!) know that you made it and would be happy to show them your other pieces during break or after work.

Wear your jewelry when you go out for the evening and respond in the same manner to any compliments. Try a jewelry party in your home.

The steps above should help you work down that huge inventory you started with.

Salvage Work

Now you’re left with pieces that (let’s be honest) are just not going to sell. You can: lower the price; keep them for yourself; or take them apart and reuse whatever you can.

That’s one of the hardest things for a bead artist to do, I know. But it’s also one of the neatest.

As fashions change and you’re stuck with pieces that are very passé, you can recycle the beads and findings and not lose your entire investment. As you go forward with your craft, it’s time to think of how to …

Differentiate Your Product

Part of your earlier problem may have been that you are using kits or free patterns for your jewelry. Though many of them are lovely, they are not unique.

In addition, your costs are higher than if you pick out your own materials and design your own pieces. It’s time to bring out the artist within!

Before you start beading again, really study the market. If you aren’t already doing so, clip and file photos of stylish jewelry from catalogues, ads and magazines.

If available, clip out the item description and price as well. These are for inspiration and to keep you up to date about trends that affect your art.

Be very careful not to copy another artist’s work. Not only will you have the very problem you had before (that your work is not unique); but you could also have big legal problems if you are caught.

Try adding different materials to your repertoire. You can buy them or make them yourself.


One of my friends rejuvenated her line by adding dichroic glass beads. She had such tremendous response and was so intrigued by the almost holographic look of the beads, that she took lessons, started making her own and then completely switched.

She began making gorgeous dichroic plates, platters, plaques and vases. Before retirement, she was represented by eleven galleries in Hawaii and several on the U.S. mainland.

Another friend started making bread dough beads. I’m not kidding! She experimented with recipes from the Internet. Her beads look like African trade beads which cost anywhere from 50 cents to $100 each. Her cost is virtually nil – well except for her valuable time. How that for a great home business!

For myself, I try to think of unique ways to employ beads. For example, I don’t just make necklaces, I make eyeglass necklaces. They look pretty whether they are holding your glasses or not. The practicality is what grabs my customers.

Don’t feel locked into the craft specialty stores for your materials.

Sometimes I purchase inexpensive watches with pretty faces for the sole purpose of disassembling them and using the faces with my beadwork. Frequently, I can use other parts as well, like the clasps and links. Waste not; want not!

I’ve also made beaded wine glass charms and beaded glass votive size candle holders.

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Enormous Jewelry for Dance Value in Belly Dance Cstume

Belly Dance is one of the remarkable ancient forms of dancing and also it is a first class way to stay in shape for all ages. It is performed by both men and women, mostly with a great deal of improvisation. It is built from some pre-defined movements although.

Belly Dancers always wear jewelry. You don’t have to worry about your partner being scratched by dance partner. Usually dancing jewelry (rings, bracelets, belts and even earrings) should be checked for sharp sides to avoid dance wounds. This is not necessary for bellydance performance.

“Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.” (Sonja Henie) This is so true for bellydancing jewelry. Many famous bellydancers are over 40 and yet their dance is amazing masterpiece, and everybody holds their breath as they watch it!

Belly Dance costume making is usually time-consuming, but fun to do with some imagination applied to it. Typically it consists of a decorated bra, belt, two armbands, headband and a dance skirt. Also you can wear choli under it. A choli is a short-sleeved blouse that ends without covering your belly.

Making Belly Dance costume can be started with a bra. Just buy any kind of bra and some repetitive decorations, like coins or triangles. It can be copper, silver, gold or any other metal. If you look around – there are places to buy decorative coins, which are easy to attach to bra with a few moves of needle. And of course you can buy all this clothing embellished with decorations already.

Usually you should buy a belt base, because it contains some jewelry and attachment spots. A belly dance skirt contains a whole lot of jewelry decorations – coins, chains.

Jewelry on foot, a performer of belly dance wears, should be resistant to stress. So keep it tied hard.

Headwear decoration is usually consists of veil, decorative rhomb-shaped shiny things. Don’t forget to have some fancy tribal-style earrings, that’s one of important elements. Actually, all jewelry is very important to belly dance costume. Oriental dances are famous for costumes and it’s shiny jewelry things. When you wear a mind-blowing amount of coins on yourself even if they are just copper – you can feel like a goddess wearing all gold on earth which a sultan (husband) brought in her life to give her happiness.

Many people think that belly dance includes only belly, however a whole body and mind is involved. It teaches you not only to value your body, but also it helps your mind. In order to achieve mind-effect of belly dance you must feel as beautiful as you can be. A word “feel” is emphasized here. It doesn’t matter really must how you look – it’s how you feel yourself in dance. You should make all possible to feel at best must it include a great costume, a great stylish jewelry on it and the best moves you can do!

Belly Dancing is a phenomenal opportunity to keep interest in life and to expand your horizons – give it a try – why lose a chance to feel jewelry all over you instead of modern “not-too-much” jewelry. Feel the beat of the past times.

Adorn Yourself With Stylish Jewelry

It is a very common belief that a lady looks incomplete without her ornaments and it is indeed true that jewelry illustrates the aura of the damsel wearing it. Frequently referred to as the item of personal adornment, jewelry is a broad term that covers several wonderful items including rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches or earrings. Jewelry is one such piece of adornment that has been custom made for each of the body parts ranging from hairpins to toe rings.

It is quite interesting to know that jewelry is quite a primitive concept unlike the common belief that it has a modern evolution. According to several archaeological excavations, the use of jewelry dates back to more than a thousand years. Some archaeologists have even gone to the extent of saying that men and women wore some forms of jewelry even before they learned to live in proper forms of shelter!

People since time immemorial have used jewelry as a means of expressing their status, wealth, and personality. At times it is also worn to exhibit certain kinds of art form or simply to cheer oneself and move out from a depressing situation. Another fascinating discovery tells us that some exotic gold jewelry of the Bronze Age (around 2000 BC) was found from some graves in Europe. The unbelievable part here is the fact that all these graves belonged to men! In fact, the most popular gold ornament found in Britain has been the Gold Cape, found in Mold, North Wales. Interestingly, this piece of art also belonged to a man!

In spite of all such discoveries, jewelry today, is the most prized possession of women. They believe that wearing jewelry completes their outfit and enhances the entire outlook. The primary categories of jewelry include the pendants, necklaces, watches, bracelets, earrings and finger rings with a completely different section for men`s jewelry. However, before buying any type of jewelry, it is important to know what exactly are you looking for, whether you are looking for something in gemstones, or precious metals or a diamond solitaire!

It is not only the jewelry made of precious stones and metals that are popular, but these days there is a growing demand for art jewelry that are well known for their creativity and design. Apart from these, there is also something known as the costume jewelry that is generally used by the masses for their low cost.

With the wedding season approaching, the market for jewelry is on a rise. Every bride wants to wear the most beautiful wedding dress and the most perfect and unique jewelry to match it. Most of the times people prefer to buy such jewelry for their wedding that can even be used later on other occasions. As such gold wins the battle from the rest of its counterparts.

Apart from the contemporary gold jewelery, the white matte gold and the black gold are the most popular items in the jewelry list these days. Finally, the bridal jewelery is incomplete without the most adorable diamonds. The diamond jewelry has always been appreciated by women and always adds the `X` factor to the entire bridal wear.

An important piece of bridal jewelry constitutes the wedding ring. The contemporary wedding rings of today are not just made of a single precious gemstone like sapphire, ruby or blue topaz. It might be a combination of topaz stones and diamond gemstones. A very popular wedding collection is the green amethyst wedding ring paired with the diamonds. However, the final choice is always with you to mix and match the best of all the stones and get the most stylish wedding ring for yourself.

The Seiko Watch – A Stylish Watch From Asia

When looking for a stylish watch, there are many things that one should consider. Price is, of course, an important factor, but no less important is the look of the watch and its efficiency. Those looking for a stylish Asian watch should thus look into purchasing a Seiko watch.

A History of the Seiko Watch and the Seiko Corporation

The Seiko Corporation which produces Seiko watches, is a Japanese watch company that was started by Kintaro Hattori in 1881. This first shop was both a jewelry and a watch shop, and it was located in Japan’s Ginza area. In 1892, Hattori expanded his line of products to also include clocks, manufactured under the name of Seikosha.

Despite having produced watches in the latter part of the 19th century, the first watches that were specifically known as Seiko watches did not appear on the market until 1924. A Seiko watch names the Seiko Astron was introduced onto the market in 1969. This watch was indeed notable, as it was the first production quartz watch. As such, it was quite expensive, costing the same amount that a medium-sized car at the time would.

The Seiko Watch Today

Seiko watches today are used for a number of important events. Most notably, the Olympic games have used these watches as their official timekeepers because they are known to be amazingly accurate.

Although the Seiko Corporation produces many different styles of watches, the most popular type of Seiko watch is the wristwatch. Since this company is one of only a few that manufacture every facet of the watch in-house, these watches are known also for their advanced technology.

The Seiko brand manufactures both mechanical and quartz watches. Some of types of Seiko watches require no battery at all, as they are powered by everyday wear. Seiko watches vary according to price, with the cheapest generally being under $100 and the most expensive costing several thousand dollars.

If one is a collector of these watches, it should be noted that the Seiko Corporation does not make every type of watch available in every area. Indeed, there are many types of these watches that are only available in Asia.

If one is looking into purchasing a Seiko watch, one should first consult the phonebook for reputable watch dealers, or the internet. Indeed, this type of watch is the ideal choice for those looking for a watch that is both attractive and efficient. has other well-written and helpful articles not only related to jewelry and watch repair is a good profession [], but also other information and resources related to watches [].

Thomas Sabo Jewelry – Watches

Watches by Thomas Sabo look exclusive due to their designs which are expressive, excellent high quality finish and range of materials. Sterling silver collection design codes are followed by these watches thus making it more attractive with thrilling novel accents, motivation and thoughts. As a result the outcome of all this is beautiful watches. There is a huge variety of watches offered by Thomas Sabo and you will be amazed at the collection.

Around 2009, the demand for Thomas Sabo watches had increased immensely and hence to ensure that this demand was met, Sabo introduced 59 varied models in September 2009. Watches definitely complement collection of jewelry and the collection had basic models, sports model, and designs which were elaborate. This collection was divided into three:

1. Rebel at heart,
2. Classic and
3. It Girl.

This was the first venture by Thomas Sabo into watches. And the people were definitely a little skeptical of what should be expected. However the collection was good and well appreciated. The collection was well divided into three sub collections. Watches under the classic collection are timeless pieces, with modest and stylish detailing.

This detailing is done either on onyx faces or mother of pearl. Straps for these watches are either black or brown croc straps made of leather or bracelets of stainless steel. These classic watches are just perfect for stylish lady or gent. Someone who is hunting for a simple, graceful piece they can go in for either mother of pearl for the lady or black leather watch for the gent.

If a young lady is looking for a watch or you would like to gift a watch to a young girl, then watches from It Girl collection are perfect. The color of the palette is black, white or pink with liberal quantities of sparkle on them. Bracelet is either made of ceramic, leather or steel. To give a nice gift to your girl, we would advise to give pink mother of pearl or white watch which reflects peace or you could also go in for striking steel watch or black ceramic. From amongst the collection there is a watch for almost everyone and to suit almost every kind of budget.

Looking at the rebel at heart collection, this collection offers watches for those who are searching for something different with little sex appeal in it. This collection compliments the present collection of jewelry known as Rebel at Heart. This collection of watches comprises of heavy, thick watches which are edgy. The palette is white and black ceramic, leather and silicon with crystals in black and inscriptions of Rebel at Heart.

Thomas Sabo has come up with ideas which are innovative and are constantly successful; this brand has evolved as one of the most important lifestyle brands for women and men.

There are three lines of product offered by Thomas Sabo – Thomas Sabo Charm Club, Sterling Silver, and the latest is the watches by Thomas Sabo. The company brings a consistent in general range of astonishing assortment.

What to Look For When Buying Luxury Watches

Before you spend serious money on a high-end luxury watch, take the time to ask yourself these ten important questions:

To Splurge or Not?

Luxury watches range from just under $1,000 to $100,000 and more. Among the most expensive are the prized tourbillions, which only an elite group of master watchmakers has the skills to produce. (The two-hundred-year-old mechanism consists of a revolving carriage that holds the balance wheel and escapement and makes a complete turn every sixty seconds to average out timekeeping errors caused by gravity.) A watch is inevitably a status symbol, and it’s up to you to figure out what kind of status you want to symbolize. If you’re really serious, luxury watchmakers are ready, willing and able to accommodate your desires.

Rose, White, or Yellow Gold?

The tint of a piece of gold depends on the proportion of copper and silver mixed in with the pure yellow gold. Yellow will always be stylish, but you might consider one of the myriad rose-gold options that received all the attention at this year’s trade show in, where else, Switzerland. Rose has the most copper of the three golds, which gives it a soft, pinkish hue. Not all men go for that, but if you’ve got the money for a rose-gold watch, you’ve probably got the brass to back it up.

Steel or Titanium?

Luxury watchmakers are turning out watches in high-grade stainless steel, which is strong and shiny and highly resistant to rust and corrosion. But the next major trend in luxury watches seems to be titanium, which is 30 percent stronger and 50 percent lighter than steel, more corrosion resistant, anti-magnetic, and even hypoallergenic. A titanium watch does feel amazingly light and comfortable on the wrist, but the trade-off is a subdued – some say dull – gray watch that, for all its strength, scratches easily.

Mechanical or Quartz?

The watch movement, which is the engine of the watch, measures time in one of two ways: electronically or mechanically. In an electronic quartz watch, a paper-thin piece of quartz is given an electric charge that causes it to vibrate 32,768 times per second. This makes it accurate to within a minute per year. A mechanical watch has a mainspring whose gradual unwinding moves the watches hands. Mechanical watches are either hand wound or automatic (also called “self-winding”), meaning the movement winds itself using a rotor that spins in response to the natural movement of the wearer’s arm. Mechanical watches lose an hour a year.

Simple or Complicated?

In watchmaking terms, a complication is any function beyond simple time telling in a mechanical watch, such as a calendar or a moon-phase indicator (which is coming back this year). Usually, though, the term refers to sophisticated mechanisms like perpetual calendars and split-second chronographs, which contain hundreds of tiny parts hand assembled by the world’s most accomplished watchmakers. Because they’re so labor-intensive, complicated watches are expensive and prized for the feats they perform.

Big or Bigger?

Over the last few years, men’s wristwatches have grown as if on steroids; they broke the forty-millimeter-diameter barrier a few years ago and are still pumping up. The reason? Mostly style. The current trend was largely inspired by the recent reissue of an old Italian diver’s watch, which was originally designed large so it would be visible in the murky Mediterranean. These days, if your watch looks like a hockey puck on your wrist, you’re horologically chic, if a bit showy.

Round or Square?

Round is still the most common face shape, but a revival of alternatives is underway. The tonneau (shaped like a barrel) is leading the non-round watch pack at the moment, but your options include rectangles, squares, and ovals, among others. Many people will size a man up by his watch, so consider that an uncommon shape might set you apart from the masses.

Do I need a Chronograph?

Most men prize chronographs – timepieces with a stopwatch function – thanks to the macho, sporty look of all those buttons and subdials. They are also functional and can time an event to one-fifth of a second for mechanical chronos and to one-hundredth of a second in digital quartz chronos. But unless you’ve just signed up for the Ironman, they’re mostly for adornment.

Do I need a Chronometer?

A chronometer is a high-precision watch whose accuracy is verified by an independent agency called the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Bureau. Watch companies send uncased movements to the bureau, which subjects them to a battery of tests, after which they’re certified as official chronometers. A status symbol and a nice distinction for the hardcore connoisseur.

Five Bars or Twenty?

Watches have different levels of water resistance, indicated on the dial or case back. Pay close attention to that fine print, because the depth units are anything but universal. Most companies give water resistance in meters. Occasionally you’ll come across ATMs (for atmospheres) or bars, both of which are equal to ten meters. Once you’ve done the math, choose a depth based on your needs. Water-resistant to 50 meters means you can wear it in the shower. Sports watches generally have 100 meter (swimming, snorkeling) or 200 meter (recreational scuba diving) water resistance. You don’t need more than that unless you intend to wear the watch deep-sea diving. And a watch marked simply “water resistant” can withstand your lighter summer showers.

Benefits Of Owning Citizen Watches

When it comes chronographs, Citizen watches boast of a very rich heritage of quality and excellent service. The products are well designed and come in a wide variety. The flagship models are four. The quartz, vagary, Eco-drive and pro master watches. These four watches are the flag bearers of this respected brand.

The quartz comes into the market bringing with it a combination of reliability, affordability and quality across a broad range of attractive timepieces that are appealing to both genders. For independent spirits, this vagary model is the one for you. Its style is heavily influenced and inspired by Italy. It brings out the inner adventurous spirit of whoever wears it.

The other two models cater for the more professional types. This Eco-drive employs an advanced technology that will appeal to a professional. It brings out a serious yet stylish look. Sports enthusiasts and professional personalities will be attracted to this instrument by its professional engineering. It recharges itself so there is really no need to stop and change the battery.

These chronographs feature some of the best technology and materials. The pro-master has a seven year power reserve when in power save mode. Featuring a mineral glass and stainless steel exterior gives it an eye catching look.

The service back up is solid with well trained technicians positioned across the world. It is recommended that you take your watch only to the authorized dealers. This is because any damage that is caused by non recognized technician will have interfered with the warranty conditions and made it null and void.

The warranties are quite impressive. It actually gives one the real value for the monies paid. In addition it gives the stockists an advantage over other competitors. Clients have been known to make decisions on what they are going to buy based on the service back up and warranty period. The standard rate is a three year period beginning from the date of purchase.

The Eco-drive and pro master models are slightly different. These two watches come with a five year limited warranty. It has the effect of giving peace of mind to the owners. A one year international guarantee is included as part of the conditions. The cover is often limited to the watch movement. It does not extend to any damage on the finishing, crystal or strap. The powering battery is also excluded from the warranty for the sole reason of being a test cell.

Michele Watches in Step With the Times

Michele Watches are a family affair, spanning three generations of fine Swiss watchmakers this family knows what they are doing. Not only are their watches stylish but they specialize in a variety of straps that are both fashionable and beautiful.

Whether it is a diamond encrusted case or a mother-of pearl dial you can be assured that Michele offers what you are looking for. Long seen on the runways of fashion shows and on the wrists of young and old, Michele has something for everyone.

The company started in the 1940’s in Belgium by watchmaker Maurice Barouh. His son Jack picked up the design gene from his father and brought the brand to Latin America.

The Michele brand came about with the birth of Jack and Rita’s first child Michele. They were inspired to create children’s watches and with the success of this idea the launch of Michele Watches was presented in Miami, Florida. The MW Collection was born. The exciting style of Miami is reflected in the Michele style.

In the year 2000 Michele, the namesake of the watch, joined the company and two years later her brother Jeremy followed suit. The CSX-Diamond Chronograph series caught the attention of the American watch market.

Michele has its finger on the pulse of the international fashion scene and interprets these styles into their watch lines. The brand is constantly evolving to meet the demands of its customers.

The Michele web site has a link to allow you to create your own watch, now who else does that? Step 1 is selection of your case; there are 6 pages of cases to choose from, a total of 42 different faces. As you hover over each face the model, description and the prices are listed. A window on the right side of the screen is your palette to build your watch upon.

Next the straps appear under the watch face selections. There are 27 different colors, textures and materials to choose from. Hovering over them displays the name of the band, the color and price. Selection of the band adds it to the watch you are building on the right side of the screen and an itemized list appears giving you totals of your selections and the option to add these to your shopping cart.

There is even an animated link showing how to change your watch band. Michele has thought of everything.

Complimentary shipping on orders over $250.00, what more can you ask for? This is one innovative company.